How important is it to have a fast web server?

Bandwidth, hosting fees, upload time…  We all know the familiar maxim that time is cash, yet what amount does that hold up in this day and age? The answer is like never before. With such a significant number of things requiring our attention, having a fast loading website is absolutely essential for the success of a company online.

Much like a decent online networking system, an online business should always have their environment in mind, and target to the right group of people and client needs. It is safe to say that you are a blossom store that is set up for the flood of movement when Valentine’s Day comes around? Is your online shop prepared for the mass spending that happens come Christmas? Whatever your region of exchange, customers on the web once in a while pardon a webpage’s ineptitude to convey what it guarantees; not when there is such an enormous amount of else to look over.

Server Location is Key

There are several alternatives when it comes to hosting your site. There’re all kinds of prices, from $1/month to $1000/month. The possibilities are endless, and it all comes down to how many benefits you have, the characteristics and quality of the products and services and so much more. You may be able to save a few dollars every month, by choosing a cheaper solution. However, one of the things you can’t ignore is the location of your server. It’s critical that you choose a server that is local to where your clients are. The site will simply load a lot faster, which will improve your customers’ experience.

A reliable, professional and committed web hosting company will make sure that your site is properly hosted in a location that matters the most for you.

Hosting an Online Store?

Offline stores jumped into the online world as soon as it started hitting critical mass. It was unavoidable; small shops could hit billions of paying customers by just having an online presence, which was by far a lot less expensive than their traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. There weren’t a ton of options before, but now, there are. There are even specialized services to host e-commerce stores, with all the features you could ever need.

If you’re hosting an online store, make sure to test their servers. Amazon did a study where they’d lost billions if their site loaded 1-2 seconds slower. They are on a much bigger scale, but you get the idea.

For any type of business, regardless of what niche, industry or market they’re in, having a fast and reliable host should be a primary concern. What servers are you currently using for your sites? We’d love to know your thoughts on them!