What are the different types of web hosting?

Before choosing a web host, it is important to carefully understand the requirements of your website. There are different types of web hosting and you can choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of budget, traffic, business needs and services offered by the web host.


Below is a brief overview of the various kinds of web hosting currently available in the market.

Free hosting

This is the free hosting service offered by the web host provider. It is best suited for personal sites that do not expect much traffic. The speed is low and downtime is high. As it is a free service, advertising banners get automatically added to your website. It has limited security options, no domain name and technical support.

Shared hosting

It is the most economical type of hosting as the cost is borne by a pool of customers. Your website is hosted on a server along with the other customer’s website. The web host provides each customer separate domain names. This is ideal for small businesses with moderate traffic. Security is a concern as it hosts multiple sites on a single server.

Dedicated hosting

A dedicated server is allocated to each customer. This gives more control and ensures your website does not get impacted by the performance of other websites. It is more expensive compared to other types of hosting but it is ideal for large businesses that have high traffic. It provides high security and performance as all the server’s resources are dedicated to single website.

Collocated hosting

The customer buys their own dedicated server but places it in the web host’s facility. The web host will have dedicated internet connection, continuous power backup, high security against fire required to maintain the server. This hosting provides high bandwidth, high up time and high security but it is comes with high costs too.

Cloud hosting

It allows combining the resources of multiple servers in a network. This provides more scalability as per your requirements. It is more reliable as an issue in one server does not affect the performance of other servers. It is affordable as customers have to pay only for the services they use. It is also secure as hardware failure is not an issue.

Before finalizing the deal with the web host it is beneficial to do a quick analysis of the services provided by the web host and determine the best type of hosting suitable for your business.