What are the advantages of Cloud hosting?

Business is synonymous with growth. If you don’t grow in revenue, capacity and efficacy maybe it’s time to question the relevance of your business. It is up to the business owner to ensure that his/her business is keeping up with the times and is not only creating jobs but is also a frontrunner in marketing and visibility. Can every establishment make a capital investment on IT infrastructure, administration, and resources and associated costs? Keeping up with technology is a necessity and if a chunk of company revenue be directed towards the same, then so be it. At the end of the day, investment in a path that is sure fire gain is the way to go!

In this day and age, when technology is moving from actually storage to cloud storage, web hosting too is going the cloud way. Investing in cloud hosting is perhaps the next profit-making path for your business. A typical cloud-hosting solution will / must have the following features and benefits:


When your site and its assets are hosted in the cloud, rather than being hosted on one server, it is in a cloud server which takes up its storage requirements from an intricate network of servers and connections. This means that an unexpected outage won’t affect any of your data because the connected servers will create a backup.

The great thing about cloud hosting, cloud computing, cloud storage, is that there is always a way to manage unexpected events like power blackouts, floods, or anything else. Since there is a network of servers, your data is always secure. It can be extracted from any of the connected servers in the case of an emergency. This hedges risk and ensures that your valuable information is never lost to you.

Data Security

Although the cloud is a virtual network, they still need actual physical servers where your data will reside. These physical structures employ strict policies for data security. They are all kept in highly secure facilities. This entire system, intricate in itself, makes cloud computing a highly flexible and secure practice for business who deal with sensitive data.

Supply on Demand:

What you need is made available to you in real-time, when you need it. This is not limited to the speed of a single server that hosts a huge volume of data. The cloud network will ensure that your data reaches you when you need it. If you find that you need more from your host because of a spike in traffic on your website, or the addition of a new feature on your website, you don’t need to fret – everything can still be accessed seamlessly.

Pay for use & Cost savings

You only pay for what you actually use. If you find that you need more, then you can pay and upgrade your host’s services to suit your new requirements. This makes the transition smoother and quicker as well. Cloud hosting ensures that your requirements are met exactly and you don’t have extra storage lying to waste unused and taking up space.

Strategic Edge

Hosting your website on the cloud network means you can access your users with any new applications or interfaces immediately. You don’t need to upgrade your servers and then do a rollout. Pay your host, and create what you want and connect immediately!