How to choose the right color scheme for your site

Choosing the most appropriate colors for your site isn’t necessarily an easy task, you’ll have to give it some thought. There are several things to consider when choosing your color scheme, not only should it represent well the message of your brand, but also create an online presence that you can be proud of. Keep in mind, that you may change them over time, and test different colors to see how the impact the performance of your site.

The Psychology

One of the things that most designers ignore when building a website is the mindset and psychological impact of different colors. Each color will usually affect people in a different way, and depend on what you want your customers to feel like, you may need to make some adjustments.

Psychological studies have shown that some people will reach in a very specific way depending on the color that they’re looking at, or that is present around them:

  • Red = Energy
  • Black = Sophistication
  • Yellow = Optimism
  • Green = Growth
  • Gray = Neutrality

The Magic Formula

Not only do you have to choose the most appropriate colors, but you should also choose the correct blend and mix between them. Where should you place the most vibrant colors? Where would a black background be more appropriate? Those are things that you should think about. Choose your three most relevant colors and then use the 60-30-10 principle.

While some color combinations look great, others not so much. And that’s something you’ll always have to work with. Without having expertise and an eye for graphics, it can be a bit challenging.

Use this as a guideline…

If you’re looking at your site, and you feel like there’s something wrong, but you’re not quite sure what it is, try changing your colors, and see if it helps. Use sites like Coolors, COLOURlovers, or Paletton to find different combinations, get new ideas, and you’ll most likely get to something that you like.

Hope you found today’s tips useful. Colors are definitely important, and you shouldn’t ignore them at all. If you have any questions about what we discussed, hit us up!